Style-Prêt helps you find the style that fits you while reducing your carbon footprint. Help us save the planet. 

Helping you find your clothing soul mates.


Chanel tank dress from 2009 Runway Collection. SOLD OUT.


We're all about lifestyle and carbon footprint. I've traveled to many different places and firmly believe that style comes from travel and life.

Hermes silk scarf. SOLD OUT.

Hermes silk scarf. SOLD OUT.


Accessories make the outfit, while it's true that you can buy many objects. There are some classics that will last you forever. Here you will find things you love and will keep.

Bottega Venetta classic clutch. Available here.


Craftsman ship is key to keeping pieces. While we resell both contemporary and fast fashion as well, our goal is to help you find something you love and can wear for some time.

Designer and Modern Clothing


We try to find high quality items such as cropped laser cut boleros from Carolina Herrera, St. John Knits with Caviar detailing, and St John Knits tanks and various other designers. If you enjoy high end designers you'll enjoy these exclusive finds. Designer goods are well made and tend to last years. We're not only about doing good for the planet, but we're about a lifestyle choice.

Let us help you stock up your closet

Let us help you stock up your closet

We'll give you choices so your hangers don't look sad.

We'll give you choices so your hangers don't look sad.


St John knits caviAR BEADING

Designer and Non-Designer Accessories


We've acquired pieces such as David Yurman, YSL, Bally and various other designers. These pieces are vintage and new.



Purses that are classic and on trend


We've acquired Bottega purses and also some stylish trendy items for you.


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